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Fizz Weather 2 app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 2896 ratings )
Weather Travel
Developer: Fizz Software Ltd.
0.99 USD
Current version: 2.6.2, last update: 4 months ago
First release : 11 Jul 2008
App size: 26.2 Mb

Fizz Weather 2.0 - New cheaper price.
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All new Fizz Weather for iPhone brings the award winning Fizz Weather onto your iPhone in glorious high definition. Fizz Weather provides detailed weather information for over 78,000 cities worldwide.

See detailed weather reports for up to 15 days, with wind speed, visibility, barometer reading, humidity, UV levels and sunrise/sunset times too.

Global forecast maps are provided with animated radar loops and animated satellite maps (radar is US only at the moment). View a map of your chosen location with weather superimposed. Pinch and zoom maps for a more detailed view.

Detailed charts are available to show you temperature, precipitation probability, rainfall, humidity and wind speed all for differing durations, including hourly for 12hrs and 48hours and for the next 15 days too.

US weather warnings will show you detailed information about alerts and warnings in your region.

Information provided includes high and low temperatures (C or F), wind speed and direction (km, miles, knots, m/s or beaufort), precipitation probability, comfort level, humidity, visibility, UV levels and the barometer reading (Millibars or Inches). Touch the i to add cities or change your settings.

Now you can choose your background picture too! Have a classic black background, or choose any picture from your albums.

Share your weather with your friends! Now you can share the weather with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or Email.

Localised in 8 languages.
Fizz Weather is your ultimate weather application.

Pros and cons of Fizz Weather 2 app for iPhone and iPad

Fizz Weather 2 app good for

Much better than the standard iphone weather app. Works well and has more detail.
Amazing program. Looks great, lots of information on a small screen, easy to read and easy to use. I know it is $5 but if you want an app to check the weather on your iphone this is the one to have. I live overseas and the iPhones built in weather app is not very accurate - and it only gives you the general daily weather and doesnt let you know if the weather is going to change in the afternoon or evening. Fizz Weather was worth the extra cash to have an app that actually tells me what the weather with some degree of accuracy and to be able to see the Morning / Afternoon / Evening weather for the next couple of days. Not sure why other posters are complaining about the comfort level reading, it may not be perfect but it is a nice extra feature to have - as is the UV Level. If you are looking for an app to check the weather with this is defiantly the best weather app out there at this time.
This app has a huge amount of info for the $5. I find it useful, which is to get weather details before (and during) boating. I would like to see the addition of two things. Add Canadian radar stations (see Add marine reporting stations (see same site).
Simple interface for a fantastic app. Perfect for those people wanting more detailed weather info.
As a weather freak I find this app very useful. I always found the default weather app to lack the detailed information that I want, and fizz weather provides this and more. For every location one gets a detailed forecast for the next 24h, 48h and 5 days, and the current weather from selected surrounding locations. Satellite is nice to have, although as I live in Canada I dont get the radar images, which is a little bit disappointing (I hope this will change with time). As I person who fllies quite often, I find the airport status information really useful. I must say though that I live in Edmonton, and for that city the airport information is not available (I also hope this to change, I am optimistic by nature :-)). Toronto Pearson is in the data base. As a summary this is a thumbs up app, which does not get all the stars because mayor cities are not in their data base
App is great but I would love to see hourly forcasts and also sunrise/sunset times. Especially the hourl forcasts.

Some bad moments

Program was mediocre. With recent update it has become the worst app for weather that I have seen. Dont buy. Get some other app. New interface is the worst
Utilisateur de longue date de cette appli , je suis TRES déçu de voir que la dernière mise a jour apporte esentiellement un écran de pub pour fizz software à chaque lancement !! (ralentissant dautant le lancement !). Jai acheté une application, pas de la réclame !! -- I was a long time user of this app, now I must admit that Iam VERY disappointed with this last update which brings essentially advertissement !! Now each time I launch this app, I have to stand a splash screen ad for fizz software !! (And that slows down the app). I thought, I bought a weather application, not ads !
Too complicated compared to 1.41 Takes more time to update. Why make complicated while previous version was simple and straight forward ?
Now you have to click many times to see what was on main screen before.
It is really approximate often wrong for Canada weather (Montreal) No feels like which is often important in my country So good beginning but some improvement is needed
Great program but I really wish it would show the snowfall amounts expected!!!! Also wish it had radar for Canada!!!!